iSAAC has been supporting PCs and Windows for over 20 years and with experience from Windows 95 through to Windows 8 we have seen it all. We support all PC brands and happily recommend solutions to our PC customers both in business and at home.

iSAAC can specify, install, support and repair the following:

Desktops, laptops, netbooks, printers, network routers, hubs and switches.

We install and maintain wired and wireless networks.

iSAAC can recommend the right hardware that will suit your needs.

iSAAC has the expertise in PC software:

Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Sage, Picasa and all security/antivirus software.

Virus Removal and PC health checks.

Synchronisation and Integration

iSAAC is experienced in the smooth integration of Apple and PC to work on the same network.

We are experts at syncing your content to all your devices and at using Cloud technologiy to it’s best advantage.

Recent PC Projects

iSAAC has recently converted a local Law Practice from a small business server to a cloud based Office 365 solution. The client now has confidence that their data is safe and secure.

We have recommended, specificed and set up a new laptop to replace an old desktop PC. All data was safely transferred.

iSAAC has converted several customers from Windows XP to Windows 8 and carried out training to ensure that the customers are able to use the new software.