Our take on the latest releases from Apple

Autumn is always a busy time for Apple and this year is no exception. Here is our roundup of the latest releases:

NEW! MacOS Sierra

WHAT IS IT? Apple have released a new OS (operating system) called Sierra. If you are thinking of upgrading, it can pay to wait a few weeks for any initial bugs from the release to be fixed. Typically Apple release a few versions in the first weeks after a new OS comes on steam, so any little bugs are ironed out quickly. If you do plan to wait a little while, we will let you know when the time is right.

WHAT WE LOVE: The major benefit of this new OS we think is Siri on the mac. It is a handy companion and great timesaver for superfast research, calculations, appointment making and much more. A digital PA in the making. Give it a try!

NEW! iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad

WHAT IS IT?  This is a great update and we highly recommend that all users install it at the first opportunity, but not before you have done a back-up! The perennial problem with updates is always lack of space on your device – so if a quick purge of unwanted photos and unused apps doesn’t do the trick, give us a call as we have plenty of other storage-releasing strategies we can help you with.  We can make sure your storage is controlled so that you never get that horrible ‘cannot take photo’ pop-up at the critical moment!

WHAT WE LOVE:  We love a lot of it! But our favourites are the redesigned lock screen and the new widgets panel. “What’s the widgets panel?” we hear you say. Ok, so we don’t think the name does it justice, but with a simple right swipe from the lock screen, this customisable panel of all your important information means everything is immediately to hand. Nifty! We also love the redesigned Apple Music.
OTHER UPDATES: Our quick guide! 

NEW! Watch OS3: 
This is the redesigned operating system for the Apple Watch. We highly recommend this as it makes it easier to navigate and is far quicker. This is really easy to update, so what are you waiting for?

NEW! Apple Watch, Series 2: 
Gene has to admit he is in love with his new Apple Watch! Series 2 has a faster processor, a GPS chip built in (no need to take your phone out too on walks or runs anymore!), it is water-resistant to 50m, so is great for swimming and for the shower! The screen is twice as bright for an optimum viewing experience. If you are thinking of taking the plunge with an Apple watch, their promise is that it is full of features that help you stay active, motivated and connected and we agree. Hold fire until end of October though if you are a keen runner as there is a Nike version being released then.

iPhone 7:

The new iPhone 7 is nice and light and has extensive improvements to the camera, better battery life, and faster processors. It also comes in a glossy jet black finish. The iPhone 7 Plus has two lenses on its camera, a wide-angle 12-megapixels lens and a 12-megapixels telephoto lens, effectively giving it a 2 x optical zoom. In short, better photos even when you zoom in!

The big controversy was the removal of the ubiquitous analogue headphone jack. Apple’s argument being that the removal of this was a space saving move to allow for the A10 Fusion processor and large battery cell. Apple do provide a pair of Lightning Ear Pods with every new iPhone 7, so you’ll be all set to go, or you might want to snap up the new AirPods…coming soon.


Available from late October, we are looking forward to seeing the new AirPods. Wireless headphones that connect automatically and instantly to your device. They also act as a speaker for on-the-move calls and boast amazing sound quality. Watch this space.